Thursday, October 17, 2019

Patients in Aurora Benefit from Multi-Generational Family Dental Care

The Canadian Dental Association recognizes nine specialties ranging from pediatric dentistry (treatment of children only) to prosthodontics (tooth replacement alternatives). Yet all general dentists have training in those areas. Also, dentists are required to take at least 90 hours of continuing education for each three-year licensing period. Some of this ongoing training is general in nature, such as dental practice management. The majority, though, is in areas directly related to clinical patient care and treatment. Through this training and daily experience, general dentists have well-rounded knowledge. Dr. Harry Weingarten is a good example. At his practice, an Aurora family can enjoy the convenience of dental care at one location, as well as these additional benefits.

Watchful eye

By treating multiple members of the family, Dr. Weingarten develops an in-depth understanding of medical history and genetic predispositions that may influence dental health. He monitors the oral development of young patients, vigilant for signs of crowding or other malocclusions that might require correction with orthodontics. Periodontal disease runs in families. As your family dentist, Dr. Weingarten can provide nutritional counselling and hygiene tips to keep your gums healthy. Heredity is also a risk factor for diabetes, which has a big impact on oral wellness.


Going to the dentist isn't a favourite activity for most people. A warm, welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff who do everything in their power to make patients feel comfortable go a long way toward relieving dental anxiety. Children learn from seeing that parents and older siblings aren't fearful and form good attitudes toward dental visits. The team at Dr. Harry Weingarten & Associates knows patients by name. They remember personal details and are genuinely glad to see patients walk through the door.

Care for all stages of life

Dr. Weingarten treats patients of all ages, from baby's first tooth to the most senior members of the family. A child who receives care from a specialized pediatric dentist will have to switch to a general dentistry provider at the age of adolescence. This can be a vulnerable time for oral wellness, as the youth assumes responsibility for his or her own self-care. Maintaining regular professional examinations and sharing a good rapport with the dentist is critical.

Mature patients have unique oral healthcare needs, as well. Medical conditions and medications can contribute to chronic dry mouth and periodontal disease. As the body ages, dental restorations may need to be adjusted or repaired. Dentures could become an option.

At Dr. Harry Weingarten & Associates in Aurora, you get the convenience of family dental care, with the added benefit of our breadth of experience. Call 905-727-1917 to schedule your family for check-ups.

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